The Luxurious Perks of the Lux Med Spa Beauty Membership

We’ve all been there, that moment when you need a pick-me-up, something beyond coffee or a glass of wine; some me time. Luckily for you our LUX Med Spa membership offers the perfect gift to yourself with a full menu of pick-me-up treatments.

{“The importance of restoration is rooted in our physiology. Human beings aren’t designed to expand energy continuously. Rather, we’re meant to pulse between spending and recovering energy.”- New York Times Harvard Study }

Don’t spend your me time on regretful impulse buys and a wasted day. You deserve more from your time.
The Lux Med Spa Beauty Membership offers members each month one of the following;
a one-hour facial, a skin brightening peel, a 90-minute massage, a laser hair removal
treatment (small area), or a BBL hand treatment.

In addition to your monthly service, there’s an array of other luxurious perks:

 Personalized skin analysis and skin care plan
 Always 10% off BOTOX, fillers, and skin care products
 Always 50% off laser treatments such as BBL and laser hair removal
 Always 25% off ThermiVa® and Infini®
 Always 25% off CoolSculpting®
 Invitation to exclusive, members-only events
 Monthly newsletter with beauty tips

Ready to invest in your me time? For as little as $100 monthly membership you can
reward yourself with results driven skin care, personalized treatments, exclusive events,
and tremendous savings on our exclusive spa services.


Call or visit LUX today to book your first appointment or a complimentary consultation.

Lux Spa Hours:
Monday 10-6
Tues Closed (until after labor day)
Wed 10-6
Thurs 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-3 (3rd Saturday each month only)

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