June Month of Micros: Introducing Microblading at Lux Med Spa

LUX Med Spa is now offering Microblading as our newest spa service. If you are tired of waking up without brows and filling in your brows daily then microblading is the perfect smudge proof solution. With a relatively quick 2 hour procedure you can achieve the natural, fuller brow you desire with zero downtime!

“Microblading is the latest enhancement for brows. It is a specialized technique using semi-permanent pigment that gives your brows a 3D illusion of natural looking brows. Using a hand method tool and multiple micro needles this procedure creates fine hair like strokes that blend formulated pigments naturally into existing brows. Microblading lasts up to 3 years and is an ideal alternative for anyone who is looking for defined and fuller brows. ” -Natasha, Lux Med Spa Microblading Specialist

Ready to schedule your microblading consultation? Contact our LUX Med Spa 404-465-1234

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