Bro-tox: Botox for your Beau

For years society marketed anti-aging aesthetics almost exclusively to women, ignoring the fact that aging is gender neutral and that men too are interested in and can benefit from aesthetic procedures.

Men are great candidates for Botox. They typically have very strong facial musculature causing deeper set wrinkles so it is advantageous for them to start treatment early on as a preventative measure.” – Lauren Duisberg, PA-C, Master Injector

Some societal standards may say it’s not manly for men to get injectables, but It’s time to FACE the facts and MAN up about men + botox.

Men and women benefit equally from Botox injections because smooth skin makes everyone look youthful. Facial lines can make people look older, stressed, grumpy, or tired which are not desirable looks for anyone, male or female.” – Sonya Kennedy, RN, Master Injector

Societal standards are evolving and so should you; understand there’s nothing wrong with a man getting botox, it’s OKAY.

Are you ready to enhance your facial appearance and get rid of those stubborn, not-so-nice lines? Schedule your consultation today with one of our master injectors at LUX Med Spa, 404-465-1234.

Bring a guy in July and you and your “guy” can both receive 10 units free with a minimum purchase of 20 units Botox*

*minimum purchase 20 units each to receive 10 units free at same visit. Promo effective the month of July and treatment must be done at same appointment. All treatments must be completed by 7/31/17.

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